A Form of Nonsense Dialogue

Have you filled the forms?
Yes I did …
Birth form
Créche form
School form
Examination form.
What about other forms?
You mean …
College form
Hangout form
Dropout form
Job form
Salary form
Gossip form.
Yes. But there are more forms?
O I see …
R.C.[1] form
I.C.[2] form
Visa form
Dollar form
Rejection form
Depression form.
Take it easy, there are better forms
Wish-list form
Thought reform form
Rejuvenation form
Contentment form.
But they don’t give immediate result
I need …
Freak form
Gullible form
Lonesome form
I form
Me form
My form.
Take it easy and try filling these forms
Reincarnation form
Emptiness form
Realization form
Buddhahood form.
They are beyond me
I need tangible forms
Hospital form
Painful form
Medical form
Crutch form
Death form.
You are very conventional indeed
You see phenomena in forms
I see emptiness in all forms.
Don’t fill any form
Live and chant OM
That is the ultimate form
To emptiness of the form.


  • [1] R.C. or Registration Certificate is a residential permit issued to Tibetan refugees in India, under Paragraph 7 of the Foreigners Order 1948, and must to be renewed every year.
  • [2] I.C. or Identity Certificate is issued to Tibetan refugees in India for sole purpose of providing identity papers for travelling abroad.


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