Tenzin Tseyang Gonsar

Tenzin Tseyang Gonsar is a health research analyst based in New York City, US. She enjoys creating and writing contemporary Tibetan fiction stories. She grew up in Dharamshala and went to Tibetan Children’s Village (TCV) school. She has fond memories of spending time and getting lost in the books of TCV libraries.

Tseyang hopes to work towards her small dream of creating a space where Tibetan children would go to the libraries and find books written by Tibetan writers — of characters having Tibetan names, of encountering creative worlds where the hero, anti-hero, or even the villain of the stories have Tibetan personalities — and read exciting contemporary stories that are distinctly Tibetan in essence, even though written in English.

The main purpose of her writing and publishing her book Dogs of TCV is to inspire younger-generation Tibetans, especially children of TCV, to imagine, dream and create.

Dogs of TCV is a collection of Tibetan contemporary fiction short stories and poems. Tibetan Children’s Village school, known simply as TCV, is the largest boarding school of Tibetans residing in India, located in Dharamshala. The book has its roots emerging from TCV and traces a path into adult life common to many young Tibetans in diaspora — traversing issues of emotions, identity, discovery, and realizations. This book will bring back nostalgia of your childhood and may connect with your current identity in a world where everyone is searching for meaning and answers.

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