Tenzin Dickyi

Tenzin Dickyi studied at the Tibetan Children’s Village School in India, and Cambridge Rindge, Latin High, and Harvard University in the U.S. Currently she lives and works in New York.

Tenzin Dickyi on TibetWrites

Poetry [7]

  • Amdo Sershul Amdo Sershul hoards his war stories,
    deals them out sparingly to passers-by
    in their times of need.
    20 November 2008
  • The Burial For a complicit people,
    forgiveness must come first,
    then perhaps freedom.
    21 October 2007
  • In the Fall This year’s crop did not flower.
    It was the lack of rain compounded by
    20 October 2008
  • Return to Snows Snowflakes pull their punches landing
    On my face much as cats do,
    13 August 2009
  • Verdict Ladies and gentlemen,
    these trace fossils belong to
    our dearly departed Tyrannosaurus Rex.
    21 February 2008
  • Yuthok Lane This is how it will be.
    We will take a walk on concrete, not blue tiles.
    21 October 2008
  • Your Death I saw your death yesterday in your fingers.
    It was death like people had in the old days.
    21 October 2007

Articles [2]

  • Bus Rides in Tibet I went on a lot of bus rides in Tibet. My first bus ride was along the Golok-Xiling route. 7 June 2010
  • The Question of Linguistic Autonomy for Tibetans “If both the spoken and written language of a people die, then it is as if the entire population of that people has died and the people have been decimated.” 29 October 2010

Reviews [1]


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