Tenam Tenam is a writer and activist, and the creator of the TibetWrites portal. With like-minded friends in Paris, he is one of the founding members of Bhod-kyi Yig-Zam – Le Courrier du Tibet, the first ever French-Tibetan monthly, launched in 2018.

Tenam on TibetWrites

Articles [6]

  • Food for Thought They say a family that eats together, stays together. In a way we atGangKyi are an eccentric extended family, 28 December 2007
  • A Path Home What the Tibetans have presented to the world is the extraordinary idea of a whole nation, not just individuals, resisting violence and terror through love and compassion. 21 October 2007
  • Largesse of Lies Chinese propaganda would be a truly frightening thing if it achieved the level of success that the government hopes or believes that it does. Posted on 28 December 2007
  • Europe Tibetan Congress — a bridge to nowhere? A bucketful of cold, conservative water was poured over this historic meeting due to pettiness and unwillingness to move beyond our comfort zones. 18 October 2008
  • Imagining Tibet Are we in danger of becoming a divided people? Are we gradually moving slowly but inexorably away from each other? 28 December 2007
  • Games People Play You might also ask how can denying China the right to host the Olympics for the second time help bring China in the global family? 28 December 2007


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