Palden Gyal

Palden Gyal, a Tibetan journalist and poet, left Tibet in 1988. Palden studied in London and was a research analyst at Tibet Information Network. At the same time, he assisted in editing the Great Tibetan-English Dictionary Project at the SOAS, University of London. He now lives in Washington D.C. where he is a senior editor at Radio Free Asia. Palden is one of the founders of Jangzhon and Tibet Times.

Palden published an anthology of poetry in Tibetan called mChod, published by the Amnye Machen Institute in 1997. His other book “compilation of reflections and political commentaries on various political” and translation of some speeches by the most important leader of the Civil Rights movement, Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. “I Have a Dream” published in 2004 by Tibet Times.

Palden received the 2001 Edward R. Murrow Award from the Radio-Television News Directors Association.

Palden Gyal on TibetWrites

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  • Your Birthday Each man was wearing a tall hat made from paper, and a square plank hung on his chest from the neck. On the plank were each man’s crime and a red cross. One of the men was your father. 28 December 2007


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