Kunga Tsayang

Kunga Tsayang (pen name Gangnyi, meaning “Son of Snowland”) is a respected writer, intellectual and artist of the new Tibetan generation. Kunga was born in Golok Chikdril, and educated in Labrang and Beijing. He attempted to set up a new school in Yakra Monastery but the project remains incomplete. He traveled widely in Tibet and photographed the environmental degradation taking place on the plateau and its impact on the people. He also worked at Nyenpo Yutsae Kyekham environmental protection group. His photography is widely appreciated in Tibet and he is the author of several brave and compelling essays on Tibet including, “Who Is the Real Splittist?”, “Who Is the Real Disturber of Stability?”, and “Who Is The Real Instigator of Protests?”

Kunga was arrested by the Chinese authorities on 13 March 2009, from Labrang Monastery, on charges for allegedly writing political essays on Tibet to a website named as “Jottings” (Tib: Zin-dris), in Gansu Province () He was released from prison on 12 January 2014.

In recent years he has been one of the persons in charge of Nyanpo Yutse Conservation Association, an organisation for environmental protection from Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve in Tibet, co-managed by monks and herdsmen.

His website was Wokar.net, no longer available.

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  • Who are the real separatists? Tibetan and Chinese people have a long tradition of helping each other and have deep mutual respect and admiration. However, the portrayal of Tibetans in Chinese official media this year has left an image of Tibetans as enemies. 26 March 2009


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