K. Dhondup

K. Dhondup (1952-1995) was born in Rubin Gang in Tibet. He was a restless youth with great zeal. In the 1970s, when there were severe repressions in Tibet by the Communist China, a few Tibetans set up a Tibetan communist party in exile. On 1 May 1979 the Tibetan Communist Party (TCP) came into the open with K. Dhondup, Namgyal, and Kelsang Tenzin as its founding fathers, causing ’shock, distress and panic’ in the exile community. Understandably, the party was vehemently opposed and its founders faced public rage and ostracism.

K. Dhondup passed away at 6 am on 7 May 1995 in New Delhi. He was 42.

K Dhondup on TibetWrites

Poems [11]

  • After Spring Spent and sad after spring / walking the darkness / drenching in the night rain 26 December 2007
  • Broken Tunes how they took away everything / and left only a handful of / joyless songs on our trembling lips 26 December 2007
  • Cold Mountain Songs For ages / I have been gone / from the home in the Cold Mountains 26 December 2007
  • Exile Exile / is a marigold / blushing luxuriantly 26 December 2007
  • Existence Anonymous We are all late, except him / We are late for the ceremony of death, 26 December 2007
  • Of Exile and Refuge Who knows what sunshine / the spring has in its fold for the / soul yearning for its shore 26 December 2007
  • Fresh Winds Give us the chance to pursue / our search for our / shores and shapes. 26 December 2007
  • Lines to a Prostitute I love you no less than my own self / This spring night I invite you to be my guest / You are my comrade; 26 December 2007
  • A Poem of Separation And after years of escape and separation / You still recollect those native hills / Those prayer-flags, 26 December 2007
  • A Poet’s Poetry The best poems are written not on papers / But by the swans on the shores / the winds on the highway 26 December 2007
  • Poisons of the Mind A Tibetan Geshe came / in the morning / and spoke about poisons / that grow in our mind 26 December 2007


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