Thupten N. Chakrishar

Thupten N. Chakrishar Poet/writer/graphic designer, Thupten N. Chakrishar was born in 1980 at Ravangla, south Sikkim, in India. He was perhaps the first Tibetan high school student to write a fiction book in English: Anything for Tibet, My Beloved Country. His poetry book Young Tibet won the annual award for young poets from the International Society of Poets.

He is a graphic designer and the creative head of Young Tibet Designs, and the graphic designer for His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa.

  • Founder of VajraTV, “Global Buddhist Televsion Network”
  • Profile and filmography at “Spotlight on Emerging Tibetan Filmmakers”
  • Review of Thupten’s book Anything for Tibet, My Beloved Country by Bhuchung K Tsering.

Thupten N. Chakrishar on TibetWrites

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