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A Herder’s Song

Monday 22 February 2010, by Tibetan Mastiff

days in someone’s yard
blowing the Jhangthang wind
happiness born withered

snowflakes brings me peace
a gentle mother’s touch
salves my sobs

footprints on grassland
steppes of my homeland
calls me each night

endless tale telling
of our ancestors their lives
in heavy black tents
grazing sheep and yaks

nomad girls singing songs
that echo from the hills
herder boys’ reply
coming from shoulders of a mountain

each mountain has a peak pass
holding arrows of horsemen
Lungta bearing snow lion, garuda, tiger, dragon
sending juniper smoke heavenward

wild mastiffs stand
guardians of the tents
in all four seasons

in heartland of Blue Lake region
where my ancestors roamed
roaring thunders of snow lions
showering arrows and spears
enemies in the east run like foxes
therein lies my pride


Tibetan Mastiff, a pen-name, generally writes in Tibetan and contributes to various Tibetan magazines inside and outside Tibet. Currently, he lives in New York.

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