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3-Feet Tall Border

Wednesday 26 December 2007, by Tenzin Jigdal


They say the postman
comes here every Thursday
and goes there every Thursday.

And here I stand at last,
the other half of me lying
across that 3 feet tall border.

No other fences grew
except for the barb wires
which along the border lay.

The birds above must find it queer,
my hands stretched desperate
to seize a piece of my land across.

And before I unite again, I must leave.
yet I shall return, I promise,
taller than the 3 feet tall border.

My one half here
and the other half there,
both in exile lie
across that 3Feet Tall Border.

(NOV. 2006) * Nathu La Indo-Tibet Border in Sikkim


Yet again, the tree
by my house has grown old.

Autumn leaves fall,
helpless and soundless,
undisturbs the slumbers
of the ground beneath.

The tree stands in solitude.
no shelter of its own,
no shoulders to lean on,
braves alone the winter’s cold.

Whispering winds
singing lullabies,
rock the leaves to sleep
in its cradle beneath.

Patient and unwearied,
ready to break free
from the shackles of time,
they await the moment.

They await…

(Nov 2006)


There… far across that ocean,
stretching endless and forever,
on full moons night,
I last saw the glimmer of her hope.

There… amidst that field,
lying fresh and pure,
butterflies dancing wild and free,
I last felt the touch of her beauty.

There… by that river,
slithering smooth and naked,
currents playing the notes of life,
I last drank the wisdom of her innocence.

There… under that tree,
standing high and strong,
birds singing song of time,
I last shed the tears of her sorrows.

There… on that hill,
kneeling low and humble,
winds whispering the tales of yester-years,
I last saw her in her entirety.

There… beyond the Himalayas,
forever extending,
standing high and relentless,
lies she. Waiting…
forever waiting…


When darkness fall upon you,
close your eyes and see into,
for the star will shine through
and bring forth that light to you.

When road ever betray you
believe your will and stay true
for the star will rise anew
and guide you all way through.

When solitude creep in you,
listen your heart and feel it too,
for the star will stand beside in lieu,
and shoulder that friend to you.

Beyond the clouds, it shines
like pearls’ glitter in thy eyes
forever sheds that light true-
the North Star there for you… (Dec 2006)


When the sweet air of
spring’s first blossom
kiss the clear sky blue,
I think of you.

When the gentle smile of
summer’s first shine
stroke the light fields green,
I think of you.

When the tender tears of
monsoon’s first shower
quell the parched earth brown,
I think of you.

When the cool breeze of
autumn’s first song
lull the crisp leaves yellow,
I think of you.

When the soft flakes of
winter’s first snow
greet the lone mountains white
I think of you.

Always you…

(Feb 2007)

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