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  • This Troubled World

    26 December 2007, by Tenzing Rigdol

    This Troubled World Look at this troubled world, Earth sliced in many names of God. Look at these religious people, Ignorance tinseled in futile rituals. The air has lost her gentle voice, And the river has lost her daily course. The ship is sinking into a bottomless sea. Look at this troubled world, Words have replaced our pure emotions. A pristine smile now fears to land. Though I walked a million miles, Millions more miles I find sterile. The sword is blunt, (...)

  • Ostrich or a Dove

    26 December 2007, by Tenzing Rigdol

    Ostrich or a Dove Days are the same: Cyclic sun, moon and The quarterly monsoon rain. I still am the same With no name And country lost in vain. "Refugee… refugee" That’s how they spit on me. Now it has become an awful stain. In pity and sympathy we quietly remain, Like a stray dog waging its nauseating tail. Hopes drained, Wrinkles framed, And my poor countrymen Getting used to the musty pain. Oh shame… shame. How far do we want to play this delusional game? We have screwed (...)

  • The Living God

    26 December 2007, by Kalsang Tsomo

    The Living God ( A Tribute ) I pray thou art to the king of Shambala, Thou gave soul to human race, Thou drink sorrows of Tibet, For 70 years, thou heed no morose. Oh ! The living God ! Viewing the universe in utter aches, Prevading the peace in every ear, Urging the commitment of humanitarian value Your words of selflessness, Your words of forgiveness, Your words of undying spirit, Echo and thrill within our hearts, To build the world peace, To bring back the lost Shangrila. (...)

  • Tiger of a Lamb

    26 December 2007, by Tenzin Dhargyal

    Tiger of a Lamb Sometimes I see, I hear, I know My country men laying their lives For our common cause. It shudders my entire soul Like the pop corns in the oven It touches me so strong that Deep within me cries, "Rise Up!" Sometimes I see, I hear, I know My country men struggling their lives For their private cause It knocks out my entire limbs Like the Popeye without spinach It dismay me (...)

  • The Song of a Woman

    26 December 2007, by Tsering Dolkar

    The Song of a Woman Living with my lipstick and this black kohl liner One hundred and eight images portrayed in a lone mirror Delightful with antics I learn at birth - to jostle, cajole and please Still never to frown at your silliest remark Tied to a flowing chupa with colorful patterns of gold I am a thousand voices, subdued in a mere whisper Odd sighs, eternal waits, half-crazed, delirious - Do you hear me? - Will you hear me? Let the vision travel beyond the silhouette of (...)

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