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  • Tsampa

    26 December 2007, by Sonam Wangdue

    Tsampa Tsampa has height history In independent Tibet she was our stance White as snow and as shell That was our principle for follow beings Tsampa has height history From great, grandfather To great, grandson Entwined like smooth white scarves Tsampa has height history In the glory days We sang with Tsampa In the crises we prayed with it Your father was an avid Tsampa eater You should take his place It has taste of our root Tsampa has never betrayed us. A (...)

  • To John

    26 December 2007, by Tendar Tsering

    To John If you cross the giant Himalayas You’ll find my country Tibet If you peep through the cracks of Drapchi Prison You’ll find my mother half dead If you stretch you ears towards her You will hear her words of grief She’ll tell you the horrors of Tibet If you observe her from the head to toe You’ll see she is a host for insects If you whisper that you are for TIBET It will energize her broken heart If you ask her why is she in prison She’ll say, ’Because I am a (...)


    26 December 2007, by Namgyal Phuntsok Tsawa

    WORDS OF FAREWELL Not even a petty word of farewell One in the crowd, standing motionless My heart only did craved for a gentle pat As I watch you leave our home Nothing showed up as expected Still an attempt to share a mood. an experience BETWEEN YOU AND ME Feelings turn pale with the passage of time Yet retained with them the pictures of life Echoing like a distant memory Shattering the darkness… a thin voice calls ’So when shall we meet again?’ Unlimited (...)

  • 3-Feet Tall Border

    26 December 2007, by Tenzin Jigdal

    3-FEET-TALL BORDER* They say the postman comes here every Thursday and goes there every Thursday. And here I stand at last, the other half of me lying across that 3 feet tall border. No other fences grew except for the barb wires which along the border lay. The birds above must find it queer, my hands stretched desperate to seize a piece of my land across. And before I unite again, I must leave. yet I shall return, I promise, taller than the 3 feet tall border. My (...)

  • The Three Perspectives

    26 December 2007, by Tenzing Rigdol

    The Three Perspectives What is life? An endless hope for light, Slavery disguised in merciless hunger, Ruthless cries, crystal tears, An ambitious smile, An arduous climb, The interest bargains, Painted faces, clayed smiles, A profitable mile, An opportunity for liberty, Gift disguised in a thousand names, The rare gem, tears proclaimed, A diamond path. What is death? A poor man’s wealth, Hope invented to extend hope, A lonely mistress, inescapable God’s play, (...)

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