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  • Becoming a Bald Tibetan Lay Woman

    24 June 2008

    Sitting on a cold steel chair, I gazed at the faces of people gathered and felt a wave of sadness in my heart. One by one, those of us who had volunteered to shave our heads in solidarity for the Tibetans inside Tibet were called in front. "Father and daughter," was announced. I stood up and approached the front of the line. As I looked to my left, I saw the small figure of my role model—my father whose morale and public service I deeply admire. Wrapped in a white banner with slogans printed (...)

  • Time for talk on Tibet

    10 May 2008

    Tibetans living in Tibet have done their bit to reconfirm their continued dissatisfaction with Beijing’s heavy-handed rule. The stage is firmly set for decisive talks that could lead to meaningful autonomy. By Thierry Dodin and Carey L Biron Three important realisations have emerged following the historic March 2008 uprising in Tibet. First and foremost, Tibetans within Tibet, although often labelled ‘voiceless’, have regained the initiative on the Tibet issue. Despite the fact that the (...)

  • Lhasa

    26 December 2007, by Shitsetsang Dechen Pema

    Lhasa Majestic peaks, crowned with eternal snow, swaying in the blue heavens. Deep green valleys , glistening streams a flow. There lies my heart, there wanders my soul! Lhasa , the land of my forefathers, the land that was to me denied. Oh Potala, I prostrate to you, to your steadfast and glory eternal. You are the silent witness to all the inflictions, You suffered and shed tears with every mothers cry. Oh Potala, you are our pride. Majestic peaks, crowned with eternal (...)

  • Tibet Speaks

    26 December 2007, by Tenzin Dekyi

    Tibet Speaks The dawn is here now I foresee, a happy free Tibet And our day will soon be here. In the pages of the past, And the period long long time ago, When the world was wide, When the life was sacred A story of a nation lied. Sometimes the story too deep At times the end too soon. Free from doubts and debts Things so pure and virtuous. Did the nation survived? The nation saw the roaring attack, Bloody days filled our dreams, Innocent lives lost for nothing. A horror (...)

  • Ode to Yak

    26 December 2007, by Sonam Wangdue

    Ode to Yak A grudging gush grew from the east Grey grasses nomads endured the worst But another summer rises A tense of another green grasses Yield yaks not your strength is our spirit And majestic figure the valour kept Yawn yaks not thy horns are our awake A band of your tails like we walk Youth of today takes your patience Purpose? You are on untiring race To strive, not ebb and tire Yours is youth’s fire Still, the warrin’ gush gallop’d from east Wolf on the (...)

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