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  • I am a terrorist

    2 May 2014, by TW

    It is considered bad luck among Tibetans to discuss what will happen when the Dalai Lama dies. Tenzin Tsundue, however, is not afraid of taboos. “If His Holiness passes away before the situation is resolved, I think the Tibetan people will take matters into their own hands. Once the centre disappears, the periphery will be thrown into tumult. Violence cannot be ruled out. I have horns two fangs and a dragonfly tail I am the humiliation you gulped down with flattened nose I am a (...)

  • ’I will carry the sky’

    3 October 2013, by Bhuchung D Sonam

    A Home in Tibet Published by Penguin India. Price: Rs.499 ’I come from there and I have memories / I have a mother /And a house with many windows…’ wrote one of my favourite poets Mahoud Darwish. Tsering Choden Dhompa came from a place, where the land was so white and cold in the winter you would think a humongous freezer was perpetually at work; in the summer the same land would transform into a colossal garden as if the goddess of art was letting the entire arsenal of her palette loose on (...)

  • Tibet’s bread-and-freedom poets

    12 August 2013, by TW

    Pa Topgyal is 79 years old. While speaking to his elder daughter on the phone he wails like a three-year-old boy. She is in the US, an illegal Tibetan without papers. He is a refugee living in India for over 50 years. She is 38. They haven’t met for 17 years. If numbers alone represent sorrows, it’s a hundred and eighty four years of pain and dislocation, longing and desire, grief and resignation, promises and disappointment, hope and surrender. Despite five decades of selling sweaters in the (...)

  • Old Dog (Khyi rgan) directed by Pema Tsetan & The Sun-Beaten Path (Dbus Lam Gyi Nyi Ma) directed by Sonthar Gyal

    1 November 2011, by Tsering Shakya

    Pema Tseden’s “Old Dog” (Khyi rgan) opens with a handsome Tibetan youth riding into a town on his motorbike with an aged, shaggy dog tied to a chain.  The youth looks virile and has a strong bodily presence on the screen, but we learn later in the film that he is impotent [reminiscent of Joan Chen’s depiction of a Tibetan man during the Cultural Revolution in “Xiuxiu - The Sent Down Girl”]. “Old Dog” is about the emasculation of body and space in the guise of progress and development. The film deals (...)

  • The Grasslands - a film by Pema Tsetan

    28 July 2010, by Tenzin Dickyi

    On Saturday I watched a short film: The Grasslands by Pema Tseden. It is Pema Tseden’s student film, and Latse Contemporary Tibetan Library* in the West Village has a copy in their video archives. Pema Tseden — or Wanma Caidan as the pinyin transliteration has it so awkwardly — is a talented Tibetan filmmaker who studied at the Beijing Film Academy and has made two feature films in recent years. I have seen both, The Silent Holy Stones and The Search. They are both amazing and excellent… I (...)

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