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  • Winds of Change

    November 2005, by TW

    Winds of Change - An Autobiography of a Tibetan By Tsoltim Ngima Shakabpa Paljor Publications Pvt. Ltd. A review by Jeffrey Bowe This is a poem of pilgrimage and transformation as, through the evocative recollections of the Author, we journey across a dramatic and emotional landscape, one that exerts a profound resonance. It is essentially a tale of personal alchemy, where the loss of a nation, challenges of exile and physical frailty are transmuted into a moving and eminently readable (...)

  • Music in Exile

    16 February 2005, by TW

    T. N. Khortsa Muses in Exile: An Anthology of Tibetan Poetry By Buchung D. Sonam Paljor Publications 196 pages, Rs. 195 Many books are published on Tibet. In an average Asian bookshop, Tibet-related books would fill a good-sized shelf. It would typically include Sogyal Rinpoche’s the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, a translation of several Tibetan religious classics, a few books by the Dalai Lama, and a British journalist’s biography of the Panchen Lama, amongst others. Then there are (...)

  • Made in China

    December 2004, by TW

    How Your Money Empowers a Cruel and Dangerous Communist Regime in China and Undermines Labor, Industry and Freedom Worldwide. Buying the Dragon’s Teeth By Jamyang Norbu High Asia Press, New York 161pp., US$ 12.00 A review by Dr. Warren Smith Jamyang Norbu’s new book, Buying the Dragon’s Teeth, is a well-argued and well-documented indictment of China’s violation of human rights and labor standards and a call for a boycott of Chinese goods. Buying the Dragon’s Teeth demonstrates that the (...)

  • Richard Gere is My Hero

    , by TW

    This is a film about four friends in Dharamsala, the exile seat of Tibetans, their dreams and aspirations. Nyima, the lead character of the film is a die hard fan of the Hollywood icon, Richard Gere and wanted to follow his footsteps to do something meaningful for his country, Tibet. The film can safely be classified under romantic comedy where two of the friends ultimately falling in love with the same lady and the story unfold. Suitable doses of Exile politics and the Buddhism philosophy (...)

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