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  • Let Tibet be Tibet

    1 November 2011, by TW

    My home in thy hand Harassed in a fateful land No place to sow the seed of peace Please, let Tibet be Tibet. With thy greedy hog plans Ruined my long chain clans No rights to think of bliss Please let Tibet be Tibet. My ancestors were swallowed by ye And youngsters being chewed like me No justice to the whole truth Please, let Tibet be Tibet. On the day of youth’s birth Thou robbed its mirth (...)

  • Somewhere I Lost My Losar

    7 March 2011, by Tenzin Tsundue

    Somewhere along the path, I lost it, don’t know where or when. It wasn’t a one-fine-day incident. As I grew up it just got left behind, very slowly, and I didn’t go back for it. It was there when as a kid I used to wait for the annual momo dinner, when we lined up for gifts that came wrapped in newspapers in our refugee school, it was there when we all gained a year together, before birthdays were cakes and candles. Somewhere along the path, I lost it, don’t know where or when. When new (...)

  • I am a Dog

    14 May 2010, by Bhuchung D Sonam

    I am a dog A Tibetan dog from Kyegu A few days before the earth shook And the mountains rumbled sky darkened storm thundered dust rained. In the night when all were asleep I saw them on the march Deities, gods, goddesses, angels and the spirits They quietly left our town Tails firmly tucked between their legs. I am a dog A Tibetan dog from Kyegu In the night I howled Peals of warnings Up the streets Down the streets In Gesar Square And that Chinese policeman Chased me (...)

  • Dandelions in Debris

    16 April 2010, by Bhuchung D Sonam

    I am just a tiny one All I wanted was to play Hide-and-seek and Go back home to mother I have new pair of shoes Waiting for me Why was the earth so angry? Why is it so cold now? We were going to the morning class When the shuddering sounded The earth shook from beneath Four of us ran fast Sonam, Yeshi, Yonten and I And the walls came down Our hands could not hold Bricks raining down debris, dust, darkness, demon Ama! Ama! Ama! Ama! I just wanted to hold her hands … (...)

  • Year of the Tiger

    16 April 2010, by Tsering Wangchuk

    The Cat put us through hell, Killed my kin, dreaded my mind. Came Black, White and Striped, Cheated my hopes and haunted my dreams. On this New Year for the new beginning, Gathered my soul, resolved my goal. Om Sun, Moon and the Star, Bless me, wish me and light my ways. This is the Year of Tiger.

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