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  • I Pray

    26 December 2007, by Tsoltim N. Shakabpa

    I cry, in sorrow, For those who Would give up the light That lights the way To a glorious independent day I weep, in shame, As we like sheep Now cower before Chinese hordes And beg them to grant us Autonomy instead of independence I wreathe, in pain, For the pain my countrymen suffer Under the torturous hands Of the Evil Occupier Whose only occupation is to occupy I bleed, in pride, For my country That has withstood The ravages of occupation And the famine of independence (...)

  • Know Ye All

    26 December 2007, by Tsoltim N. Shakabpa

    Lest no man knows better Know ye all That Tibet is a country Occupied by force Subjugated under tyranny Tarnished by environmental rape Famished by plunder Corrupted by greed Blemished by false propaganda Terrorized by threat And imprisoned by military power But know ye all That Tibetans will fight for the truth Pray for salvation Strive for peace Clamor for justice Hunger for freedom Revolt in unison Die for independence And live forever December (...)

  • The Mother Cuckoo

    26 December 2007, by Tsamchoe Dolma

    The mist was gone somewhere in the depth of the valley The shower left a sweet scent on the mushy earth, The wind was calm in the serenity of the air And the mother cuckoo was still on the rain-washed tree, Cooing all day long as if her song would never die, I never heard a lyric so full of pain, so melancholic That a dark heavy lump squeezed by my throat, Then the bliss of the vicinity bade a reluctant farewell And the echo of the song seeped within my soul; She seemed to whimper, (...)

  • Twilight’s Delight

    26 December 2007, by Tsamchoe Dolma

    Shy drizzles and a shimmering pond Await the glow of the twilight king, Clouds swing on lofty heights, Wind murmurs a slurry tune. And so dance the autumn leaves To and fro, down and down, Old blossom princesses descend their throne And bless the ground with a carpet of fragrance, Clip-clop, clip-clop, the droplets drum, Somewhere the nightingales sing… And owls croon their motherly note Welcoming the nature’s delight. Gently and silently Twilight kisses his beloved queen And (...)

  • Stolen Moments of Life

    26 December 2007, by Tsamchoe Dolma

    A few stolen moments That is just mine, A lone sail and a sun set for eternity Are all that I need, A dusky moor and a sober sky, A wild canvas of landscape Bare but beautiful, A lone grazer on a carpet of marsh A few splashes of waves… Are all that I seek, A silent kiss of a salty breeze A gentle touch of an open sea A few stolen moments For lifetime to go.

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