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  • The Beijing Olympics

    30 July 2008, by Tsoltim N. Shakabpa

    With the dawning of August 8, 2008 The vicious lies and hidden traps nest at Beijing’s gate Awaiting the innocent international athletes and visitors Ready to pounce on them like mephistophelean inquisitors The viscid web has been cast And the spider is set to prey But the world says, "Not so fast!" "We’ll burn your web and have our say" When in the Beijing Olympics Throw a javelin to kill hatred Fence to decapitate tyranny Jump to overcome ignorance Wrestle to trounce despotism (...)

  • Happy birthday, Your Holiness

    3 July 2008, by Tsoltim N. Shakabpa

    For years you have labored for our freedom To realize our rights and our own kingdom Now at age seventy three You pray most fervently You reason most wisely You work so endlessly For mankind’s betterment And Tibetan sentiment At seventy three You’re like a tree Growing branches of love Showing kindness thereof To the ignorant you impart knowledge Which they most thankfully acknowledge To evil you remain unbowed I cry out loud you make me proud I pray for your happiness I wish (...)

  • In Exile

    30 June 2008, by Bhuchung D Sonam

    An old man below a weeping willow Hears the wind whipping The leafless branches Hanging down – a thousand sorrowful tunes. He ignores the buzzing flies stench from the gutter dirt nestled in his wrinkles He is somewhere, somewhere else a snowy mountain a herd of yaks a flock of sheep barking of the mastiff near his tent He marches silently to another time. An old man below a weeping willow His face a parched walnut Creased skin gathered around his mouth Cinched like a bag. (...)

  • The Beijing Olympics

    7 June 2008, by Tsoltim N. Shakabpa

    When in the Beijing Olympics Win for free speech Run for human rights Throw a javelin to kill hatred Jump to overcome ignorance Bicycle to treadle over tyranny Pole vault to reach for freedom Throw a shot put to knock out communism Swim to save those imprisoned and tortured And race as hard as you can in praise of God

  • Red Forehead

    23 February 2008, by Bhuchung D Sonam

    Why is his blood so hot? They ask, And I tell them – That you were orphaned by circumstances That you were deserted by the mountains That your words collide with time’s tide. At times my blood boils too But it does not turn my forehead red, Nor does it drive by passion mad. But the same blood that runs in you Runs in me Blood that is stamped with snow flakes Blood that sings of mountain winds Blood that smells of an ancient warrior. Why is his voice so high? They ask And I tell (...)

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