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  • The Rotting Wall

    26 March 2010, by Tenzin Rabga

    Sometimes life stings for no apparent reason, The shining sun no longer lights your path, The fragrance from the spring flower is missing, The swaying willows no longer grant you their shade, Sometimes life stings for no apparent reason, The light of the day is darkened by the storm within, The eyes stare blankly through people and stop at a wall, A wall that is rotting in the bright day light Whose cracks creep to it’s core It’s surface covered by moss, Underneath lay it’s self, (...)

  • March Reflections

    26 February 2010, by Kathup Tsering

    A dark fog wrapped itself around Lhasa as if it had been created by a phantom shade moving silently it became a snake relentless encircling our highest mountain sunset signaled evening the wild wind cried Woo… woo… woo… life was twirling nights became restless tragedy was everywhere my people were suffering tears were falling down…down… down… into the center of my heart winds cried through the night… Woo… woo… woo… weeping… weeping… weeping… my life, my love, my poetry… (...)

  • Untitled

    26 February 2010, by Kathup Tsering

    I dream the way my people do always my right hand fighting against the unfair so dictator divorces me from my beloved and my ring finger bleeding to hell and my body becomes a gun`s prey how shall I prepare my last sky burial ? In the last gesture of heart I can do what all I want to do a compassionated fire, blissful, burn on the chest of my corpse and cover my face with a lotus hand in my country There I died once then reborn For a freedom has human spirit and (...)

  • A Herder’s Song

    22 February 2010, by Tibetan Mastiff

    0 days in someone’s yard blowing the Jhangthang wind happiness born withered one snowflakes brings me peace a gentle mother’s touch salves my sobs two footprints on grassland steppes of my homeland calls me each night three endless tale telling of our ancestors their lives in heavy black tents grazing sheep and yaks four nomad girls singing songs that echo from the hills herder boys’ reply coming from shoulders of a mountain five each mountain has a peak pass (...)

  • Losar

    6 February 2010, by Bhuchung D Sonam

    We should celebrate Losar Some say… To open a new chapter Be Tibetan, Dress Tibetan Eat Tibetan Speak Tibetan To hold our heads high Walk a new path, mindful of the past. We should not celebrate Losar Others say … To respect the dead and the jailed Be Tibetan, Recite mani Pray for all Knead your rosary Remember that Our brothers and sisters are suffering. To celebrate or not to celebrate The essence is in the difference. Losar is a good way to assert (...)

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