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  • Musings on Indian Independence Day

    22 August 2013, by Tenzin Nyinjey

    It was a bleak, rainy day. The air was filled with mist. Everywhere one looked, one found dampness and mud. Not a ray of sunshine. Nor even the yearning for it in people’s mind. Add to this the house that I live in, a house not my own, but rented, on a land that doesn’t belong to me – despite the humanity of my landlords. No wonder the pounding rain and the mist outside provoked a profound sense of dread in me. Rather than kicking off the searing fear, treating him in contempt, as we often (...)

  • Q&A with Tsering Namgyal

    4 July 2013, by TW

    Tibetan author and well-known journalist Tsering Namgyal was born to a refugee family in 1971. Tsering attended schools in Dalhousie and Mussoorie and spent many years in Taiwan, initially as a student and later as a business writer and journalist. Poet/writer Bhuchung D. Sonam speaks to Tsering on his novel. Bhuchung D. Sonam: Congratulations. This is your second book after Little Lhasa: reflections on exile Tibet. Why a novel? Tsering Namgyal: Thank you. After Little Lhasa, which was a (...)

  • Must We love the Party…

    13 May 2013, by Bhuchung D Sonam

    On 8 May, among many issues the Tibetan prime minister discussed at the Council on Foreign Relations think tank, Dr Lobsang Sangay said: ’We don’t challenge, or ask for, an overthrow of the Communist Party. We don’t question or challenge the present structure of the ruling party.’ The ruling party being the Communist Party of China (CCP). This statement by the popularly-elected head of the exile Tibetan government contradicts two of the fundamental principles that his administration stands for (...)

  • "Tibet’s Next Incarnation?"

    29 April 2013, by Jamyang Norbu

    CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS, CONFUSION AND CONSPIRACIES AT THE CENTRAL TIBETAN ADMINISTRATION For some months now, large-scale protests and violent street battles have been raging throughout Cairo and other major cities of Egypt. Thousands of Egyptian liberals and secularists have come out on the streets to protest what they called President Mohamed Morsi’s “power-grab”, after he issued a declaration awarding himself new powers, which he claimed were “temporary” until a new constitution was put in (...)

  • To think independently is more important than dogma

    26 April 2013, by Tenzin Nyinjey

    In his biography of Mila Repa, Tsangnyon Heruka (1452-1507) wrote: When one of his disciples asked Mila Repa whose reincarnation you are, the great yogi said, "I don’t even know myself whose reincarnation I am. That you believe in me as a reincarnation of a Boddhisatva is your superstition. In fact believing in reincarnation is the worst form of heresy." Mila Repa’s above comment is enlightening. It testifies the corruption of the Tulku system and the dangers of theocracy to human (...)

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